Stray Observations: Father’s Day Weekend

This past weekend was the last official weekend of Spring. It was also Father’s Day weekend and full of fun activities. Here are some stray observations on the happenings.




  • My son Elliott was invited to two birthday parties on the same day. One was in the afternoon while I was at work, so my wife accompanied him to that one. The other was an evening affair at Memory Lanes bowling alley. I was his chaperone for that one and brought along my younger son too. It was a fun and crazy time watching a bunch of 1st graders bowling and being silly together. I also spent much of the evening bargaining
  • I also spent much of the evening explaining to my boys that they shouldn’t waste money on a stuffed animal crane game in the arcade because no one ever wins on those. A girl then proceeded to pull an animal out on her first try. Of course.


2013-07-14 20.09.50-PANO

  • One thing I wanted to do on Father’s Day weekend was venture down to St. Anthony Main for the Stone Arch Bridge Festival. They had art vendors, a car show, food vendors and some free concerts. My reason for going to was to see the band DENNY perform. I’m friends with one of the guys in the band and they are definitely an up-and-coming Minneapolis band. They put on a great show on a 95 degree day at high noon. Still worth it.
  • I recently purchased a large, inflatable pool for our backyard. Our boys have long outgrown the plastic kiddie pool and I knew the hot weather was fast approaching. So far, they’ve really loved using it. When we got home from the festival, we were all overheated and decided we would all 4 take a dip in the pool. It was a splashy good time. 2016-06-09


IMG_5717 2

  • It was a great morning at Hiawatha Church for our whole family, as usual. I’m thankful every week for this community and for the God that brings us together.
  • After church, we went out to lunch at one of my favorite local burger places – The Blue Door in Longfellow. A “Baked and Loaded Blucy” along with a “Shenanigans Summer Ale” from Indeed paired extremely well.
  • The boys (and their mom) gave me some great books as father’s day presents, including a great book about a superhero dad that they illustrated themselves! They also gave me something extremely rare and valuable – a Sunday afternoon nap!
  • After my nap and some down time for the boys too, we packed some sandwiches and met up with my wife at her soccer game with HC United (our church’s co-ed team). It was swelteringly hot out and we didn’t last the entire 90 minutes, but we sure cheered on our squad and our favorite midfielder!
  • Once we were back home and the boys were in bed, I was ready for Game 7 of the NBA Finals! I’ve actually managed to watch most of every game in the series and I was extremely excited for the final showdown. And the game did not disappoint. Yeah, I was pulling for the Warriors, but the Cavs came up huge and LeBron in particular. I’m not a big LeBron guy, but I have to respect (respek?) him after the amazing series he had and the signature play that summed up his effort:


  • Former Timberwolf Kevin Love is now a champion. He’s had a rough post season as he’s become the butt of jokes and memes calling him useless. In the end, his much-maligned defense came through as he guarded the MVP! Good job, Kevin Love.
  • And now Minnesota is on the top of the list of longsuffering sports markets! Hooray?
  • Since I was taking in the Finals, I time-shifted the big Game of Thrones episode and watched it later. What a great, great episode! That amazing tracking shot of Jon Snow was up there with the True Detective shot from a couple of years ago (though I think TD wins). The entire battle sequence was unlike anything I’ve ever seen. Realistic medieval combat depicted in all its brutal realism.  itoglxx1q89xtdsf5oixoivbinv3bshqvhle6dpn
  • And finally, a very sad happening from the weekend: Anton Yelchin, the promising young actor well known for his portrayal of Pavel Chekov in the rebooted Star Trek movies, was tragically killed in a freak auto accident. His vibrancy and range of characters was quite incredible for an actor his age. With the 3rd Star Trek film due to be released next month, he was at another high point in his career making his sudden death is all the more tragic. anton-yelchin-net-worthPavel_Chekov_(alternate_reality)

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