Anticipating Star Trek Beyond

trekbeyondcloudspossm_bigThere’s a new Star Trek movie coming in July! And, frankly, unless you read a lot of geeky film blogs, you may not have realized that the 3rd film in the series was even imminent. Indeed, the franchise underwent a creative turnover (or two) in the last few years. JJ Abrams departed the directors chair to helm Star Wars: The Force Awakens (you may have heard of it). After some uncertainty and a jettisoned first script, Justin Lin was brought in to direct a script written largely by Simon Pegg (who also plays Scotty in this series). News was only trickling out on this film for a long time, but it was assumed that Paramount had a vested interest in capitalizing on the 50 anniversary of the franchise this year. Was the film going to be rushed into production? Did the creative team learn their lessons from Star Trek Into Darkness? Would we finally get away from earth in this installment?

Then the first teaser trailer dropped back in December and… umm…. this is it:

Yikes. For the geeks who worried that Justin Lin would turn Star Trek into another entry in his other franchise (Fast and the Furious), this did little to calm them. Frenetic action, loud music, motorcycle stunts. Blah. It didn’t feel like a Trek movie. And from that point it, it was largely radio silence from the studio. Simon Pegg went on record asking fans to be patient and promising that teaser trailer was more about the marketing department than about the actual film. Patience paid off last week when the marketing blitz finally launched with a proper trailer.

Pegg was right, patience was a good idea. This trailer looks much better than the first.

We get some great, wide shots of space battles (and confirmation that the Enterprise is going down).


We get some great character moments.


We get a great look at our brand new (thankfully) villain played by the amazing Idris Elba.


And we get just enough of a hint as to the story to make us want to know more.


Plus, this amazingly cool warp shot that’s unlike any we’ve ever seen.


I’m totally excited for this.


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