Disney Owns the Movies

Disney is doing pretty well for itself at the movies these days. Awhile back they struck a deal with Marvel Comics to become the home of Marvel Studios and the ultra-bankable Marvel Cinematic Universe. They followed that up by buying the rights to the Star Wars franchise. Combine those newer additions to the stable with the resurgent Disney Animation wing and the uber-popular Pixar division and you have the preeminent powerhouse at the box office.

Recently, Disney announced their long-term release calendar and a few things jumped out at me. First, almost all of these movies pique my interest in some way.  There are some can’t miss entries for sure. Secondly, there are very few that are actually wholly original stories. It looks like Pixar and Disney Animation are the two Mouse houses that are actually willing to release original stories. Bummer. Still, it looks like the Disney magic isn’t going to wear off anytime soon.

Here’s the loaded calendar for the next few years. What are you most looking forward to seeing at the cinema?


Release Date



The Good Dinosaur 11/25/2015 Pixar Original
Star Wars: The Force Awakens 12/18/2015 Star Wars Sequel
Zootopia 3/4/2016 Disney Animation Original
The Jungle Book 4/15/2016 Disney Live Remake/ Reboot
Captain America: Civil War 5/6/2016 Marvel Sequel
Alice Through the Looking Glass 5/27/2016 Disney Live Sequel
Finding Dory 6/17/2016 Pixar Sequel
The BFG 7/1/2016 Disney Live New Adapt
Pete’s Dragon 8/12/2016 Disney Live Remake/ Reboot
Doctor Strange 11/4/2016 Marvel New Adapt
Moana 11/23/2016 Disney Animation Original
Rogue One: A Star Wars Story 12/16/2016 Star Wars Sequel
Beauty and the Beast 3/17/2017 Disney Live Remake/ Reboot
Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 5/5/2017 Marvel Sequel
Star Wars Episode VIII 5/26/2017 Star Wars Sequel
Toy Story 4 6/16/2017 Pixar Sequel
Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales 7/7/2017 Disney Live Sequel
Spider-Man Film 7/28/2017 Marvel Sequel
Thor: Ragnarok 11/3/2017 Marvel Sequel
Coco 11/22/2017 Pixar Original
Gigantic (Jack and the Beanstalk) 3/9/2018 Disney Animation Remake/ Reboot
Avengers: Infinity War – Part 1 5/4/2018 Marvel Sequel
Han Solo Film: Star Wars 5/25/2018 Star Wars Sequel
Black Panther 7/6/2018 Marvel New Adapt
Captain Marvel 11/2/2018 Marvel New Adapt
Avengers: Infinity War – Part 2 5/3/2019 Marvel Sequel
Inhumans 7/12/2019 Marvel New Adapt
Star Wars Episode IX ?? Star Wars Sequel
Wreck-It Ralph 2 ?? Disney Animation Sequel
Frozen 2 ?? Disney Animation Sequel
Cars 3 ?? Pixar Sequel
The Incredibles 2 ?? Pixar Sequel

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