Five Questions I Want My Kids to Ask Me

Dave Pell is an internet power-user. He is a human content aggregator. With his great email newsletter NextDraft, he compiles a bunch of interesting stories each day and sends them out to his subscribers along with some snarky commentary and remarks. It’s a great read if you are an information junkie like myself.

Pell also periodically publishes his own blog on Medium, usually consisting of more long form commentary or editorials. This week he published a post called “Five Questions I Dread My Kids Asking”. I was intrigued. Here’s his list:

1. Is there a god?

2. How did we get here?

3. If sex is for making babies, then what is 69ing for?

4. What is the meaning of life?

5. How does the toaster work?

As I read through is tongue-in-cheek list, the first thing that came to my mind was “Actually, I’m hoping my kids ask me these questions.”

Here’s how I plan to tackle these with my kids.

Is there a god?

Absolutely! The Bible tells us that God created the heavens and the earth – the entire universe. But not only that, he created humankind in his own image – a very special part of his creation, the pinnacle of it. He loved his people so much that even when they rebelled against him and went their own way into self-destructive sin, he pursued them and desired to save them. He even gave up his heavenly throne, became a helpless child, endured temptation and ultimate rejection and finally grueling death on a cross so that he could slay the enemies of sin and death and reclaim his enslaved people. Yes, there’s a God. And he loves you like that.

How did we get here?

God himself designed us, knit each of us together in our mother’s wombs and brought us into the world. He gave us a family to be part of and experience life with. Our family is flawed, sure, but it is a faded picture of our ultimate family, our spiritual family, which is vast and full of people from every tribe, tongue and nation. God put all of us here so he could show us love and compel us to tell others about that love so we can bring them into the family too. It’s an amazing plan from an amazing God.

If sex is for making babies, then what is 69ing for?

Sex is a gift from God and has many dimensions to it. God created sex to be shared between one husband and one wife as a picture of his relationship with his church. Jesus and the church will experience spiritual union for eternity when Christ returns, and it will be the greatest joy imaginable. Sex mirrors that joy in that a husband and wife can be intimate and experience a lot of pleasure and joy from that union. See God designed sex to be for pleasure as well as for making babies. Both are very good things in the context of a God-honoring marriage.

What is the meaning of life?

To love the Lord with all your heart, mind, soul and strength. To love your neighbor as yourself and to invite your neighbor to experience God’s love too.

How does the toaster work?

Here’s a screwdriver. Let’s unplug it and figure it out together.


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