The Hardy Boys: While the Clock Ticked – Chapter 23

Hardy Boys cover image

Chapter 23 – The Missing Stamps

So the boys and Applegate go to the living room and ask the police to wait a moment before putting the men in the police car. They confront Jensen about the missing stamps and he denies that he has them saying they have indeed been sent to an expert appraiser. But his companion chimes in and says that’s a lie and the stamps are in the house. Jensen is apoplectic with his partner as the man tells the boys they stamps are hidden in the secret room behind the clock. He says his Jensen is always stealing stamps wherever he goes.

The boys enter the room and find the missing stamps and many others in a box. The room is also littered with electronic equipment and wires as it was surely the hideout of Wandy and where he built his bombs. The boys return the stamps to the overjoyed Applegate. Applegate explains that he was lying awake that night and just had the overwhelming sense that his stamps were inside the Purdy Place and he had to retrieve them. Upon his arrival, he found the boys bound. The boys thank him for listening to this, somewhat insane, inner voice. And we see that the entire stamps affair was a B story designed to get Applegate to the house in time to release the Hardy boys.

Wandy is loaded into the ambulance bound for the city hospital. The two henchmen are loaded into the police car. Dalrymple locks up the house, content that no further trouble will occur there now. He tells the boys he will talk to the police the next day about Wandy and their history. The boys offer to drive Applegate home in their roaster.

After dropping Applegate off at his home, the boys debrief as they drive to their house. They posit that there will be no charges pressed against Wandy since he likely won’t live through the night.

So things are basically all wrapped up now. The plots are all resolved. The stamps were a completely random theft by a guy who was also involved in this bomb plot and that connection allowed Applegate to be the rescuer at the house. Got it?

Dated dialogue: “What with river thieves and crazy men and stamp thieves, I don’t think the old joint has any more crooks hiding inside,” he said.
Strange line: The old man was speaking querulously: “It’s no use,” he said. [Woah, “querulously”. Def. adjective – 1. full of complaints; complaining. 2. characterized by or uttered in complaint; peevish]
Last line: “He won’t live until morning,” said Frank.

Cliffhanger rating: B-


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