The Great Trailer Deluge

Over the last few days Hollywood has unleashed trailers for some of the most anticipated movies of the next year or so. It’s almost unbelievable how many have been released in just the last few days. I’m under the assumption that the release of the new Star Wars trailer prompted the other studios to pull their levers and try to steal some headlines.

The trailer business is a segment all it’s own. The internet hype machine has made these releases almost as anticipated as the films themselves. Indeed some studios now have teaser trailers for their teaser trailers for their actual trailers for their movies. It’s all about building hype for their movie and then fanning the flames all the way until the release date. So let’s look at how the creative teams behind these movies are choosing to build buzz for their films.

Star Wars: The Force Awakens

So clearly this is the cream of the crop. I posted about this the day it came out because it was just that big of a deal. This trailer is near perfect in how it re-introduces audiences to the universe of Star Wars, stokes the nostalgia fire in the myriad of established fans and distances itself from the shortcomings of the prequel trilogy. For many, that last shot of Han and Chewie is the lasting impression, but for me it’s the Star Destroyer wreckage that really got me. This movie will be amazing.

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

DC is playing catch-up now that Marvel is years into their Cinematic Universe. So they’re diving right into team-ups by making the sequel to Man of Steel include Batman. Their films are decidedly more dark in their approach and this teaser trailer shows off that aesthetic. Clearly there is a lot of controversy surrounding the Man of Steel after he revealed himself in the last film. This teaser keeps the story veiled, but hints at the central conflict between the two heroes. I’m definitely interested.

Fantastic Four

Okay, so they’re rebooting the Fantastic Four now too. This time around they opted for a much younger cast of up and comers. The central question for me is how will they portray Dr. Doom? Will he be the dreaded super-villain that is one of the most feared in all Marvel comics? Or will he be a throw-away baddie like many 1st movie antagonists? Either way, the casting of Miles Teller alone has me intrigued and I’ll give it a shot.

Jurassic World

First of all, that YouTube cover image is hilariously photoshopped! Anyway, more poking at my nostalgia zone. The makers of this film also really, really want us to remember the greatness of the original Jurassic Park. They’ve got lots of dinos, lots of scares and even some kids in trouble. It looks like they’re trying to keep the big-bad dino secret for now, a strategy that works only some of the time. But Chris Pratt is a star and this movie looks super-fun.

And now some trailers that didn’t come out in the last few days, but are worth a look.


Ant-Man has had some trouble getting here. Edgar Wright was originally picked to direct and was well into the work when he was let go and a new director was hired. I’d be MUCH higher on this one if Wright were still on board (he’s a genius), but it still looks pretty great. The snarkiness of Guardians of the Galaxy will no doubt be there with comedy actor Paul Rudd in the main role.

Terminator: Genisys

Early T:G trailers showed off Arnold’s return and some interesting twisting of the classic Terminator mythology, but kept plenty of things hidden. This latest trailer pulls the curtain back more and reveals some startling twists regarding the newest John Connor. This looks like a truly alt-universe re-boot now like JJ Abrams Star Trek films. Jacked up references to established storylines all over the place. Could work, could flop. I’m not a huge Terminator fan after the first two films in the series, so I’m reticent on this one.

Mad Max: Fury Road

Okay, wow. Every teaser and trailer for this film has been completely insane. I’m not even sure this movie exists in reality, but apparently it does. I am extremely interested to see this spectacle and try to figure out how they made it. It looks like nothing I’ve seen before.

Got any other cool trailers for big movies coming up this year?


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