The Hardy Boys: While the Clock Ticked – Chapter 10

Hardy Boys cover image

Chapter 10 – Chet is Curious

After their initial shock at the alarm clock and note in the secret room, the Hardy’s set about examining the room for clues. They check the walls for other secret doors and measure the room to make sure there isn’t any space between the walls. They turn up nothing.

Their next task is to ask Hurd Applegate about the stamps they found. When they present the stamps to him, he surprisingly declares that they do not belong to him! He says they are indeed rare, but not as rare as the stamps that were stolen from him.

Dalrymple must return to business in the next town, so he tells the boys he would like to now suspend the case until their father returns to help him. The boys are discouraged. The mystery shows no signs of becoming clearer.

When they get back home, they find a number of their friends are hanging out in their barn (which has been converted into a makeshift gym). Chet Morton is among the boys there and he is intent on finding out what the Hardy’s are up to. He tries to pump them for information, but they have sworn to keep the case secret and do not divulge any details. But… Chet is curious.

After last chapter’s revelation that Applegate’s stamps have been affixed to the note, this clarification that the stamps are not Applegate’s is strange.

The picture of the Hardy’s friends hanging out in the barn/gym is quite dated. The boys are boxing and swinging on parallel bars.

Dated dialogue: “You run along and peddle your papers.”
Strange line: They found Biff Hooper and Jerry Gilroy engaged in a friendly sparring match with the boxing gloves, while Tony Prito and Phil Cohen were engaged in some complicated maneuvers on the parallel bars. Chet Morton, as was characteristic of him, was not risking the loss of any weight in violent exercise.
Last line: At that moment they had no idea of the lengths to which Chet’s curiosity would lead him.

Cliffhanger rating: B-


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