The Hardy Boys: While the Clock Ticked – Chapter 7

Hardy Boys cover image

Chapter 7 – The Mystery Deepens

Frank and Joe are driving Mr. Applegate home and still trying to persuade him to explain what happened at the Purdy Place. They feel convinced that someone has been murdered at the house and the most likely candidate is Mr. Dalrymple. After seeing him there at the door, hearing the scream and remembering the ominous warning note, Frank and Joe are certain Dalrymple is dead and decide to go home and call the police.

As they approach Applegate’s house, they realize that their car is being followed. Dropping Applegate off, they continue on towards their house with the car still following them. They arrive home to see a man about to ring their doorbell. To their great surprise, it’s Mr. Dalrymple; alive and well! They invite him in and, after a comic interlude with involving Aunt Gertrude in a nightgown and curlers, they begin to tell him what happened that night. He insists he was nowhere near the house that night and wants to hear more about the events. However, they are interrupted by heavy footsteps on the veranda and a ringing doorbell!

The boys seem awfully quick to jump to the conclusion that there has been a murder. They also seem to think that going home to call the police while being tailed is better than just driving to the police station and telling them in person. Wouldn’t that be safer?

My assumption was that the car tailing them was the same car as before and contains the police chief and his detective. Will my assumption be correct?

Dated dialogue: “Well,” sighed Frank, “this beats anything I ever heard.”
Strange line: Her large feet were encased in a pair of slippers that looked “like young suit-cases,” as Joe put it later.”
Last line: “Now who can that be?” exclaimed Frank.

Cliffhanger rating: B+


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