The Hardy Boys: While the Clock Ticked – Chapter 3

Hardy Boys cover image

Chapter 3 – Mr. Dalrymple Returns

The boys leave the Purdy estate and continue on their hike. Chet is ready for lunch far earlier than the others, so they buy time by insisting on a very specific type of area to eat. Chet suggests many areas that are dismissed by the others. Finally, the other three boys get hungry and they eat their lunch in an area that doesn’t really match their earlier stipulations, causing Chet to complain until the food appears.

When the boys get home again, there is a limo parked in front of their house. Mr. Dalrymple has returned to see if Mr. Hardy has been contacted yet. The boys pry their suspicious aunt away from the man and again ask if they can investigate his mystery. While they were hiking, Mr. Dalrymple has heard reports of their detective skills and agrees to let them investigate. The boys can hardly contain their eagerness.

Aunt Gertrude is once again shown to be easily manipulated. The boys get rid of her by exclaiming that they smell something burning and she rushes to check on her cake.

This chapter really didn’t contain anything but setup information.

Dated dialogue: Emotion overcame him; he was helpless with chagrin; then the others could restrain their mirth no longer and rolled over in the grass, doubled up in paroxysms of laughter.
Strange line: Finally, after Chet had been chased off one very promising location by a bulldog and off another by an elderly ram that emerged from behind a bush, the other took mercy on him.
Last line: “And now, if you’re to work on the case, I may as well tell you my story.”

Cliffhanger rating: B+


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