Friday News ::::: Week of February 16th

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1.  Buying the Big Ticket

Yesterday it was confirmed: Kevin Garnett is coming back to the Minnesota Timberwolves! What a welcome and unexpected turn of events. Sure the Wolves shipped out a decent young player to make this happen. Sure they gave up a 1st round pick to acquire that young player last off season, meaning they traded a valuable 1st round pick for a way-past-his-prime player. But this move was absolutely about two main things: bringing in a veteran to player-coach their young core players and selling tickets for the remainder of this season. Mission accomplished.

I think I have to write  a separate, dedicated post about my love of Kevin Garnett. But I will say that while many beloved athletes have left Minnesota under bad circumstances, KG wasn’t one of them. We all wished him well and understood that the move needed to happen. And when he won a championship very quickly with the Boston Celtics, we were happy for him. And, amazingly, he never forgot those of us in ‘Sota:

Welcome back, big fella!

2.  Spider-Man Joins Up

This news is old now, but I’m pretty excited that Spiderman will be part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. I think this was the right thing to do for Sony, who seems to have lost the rudder on their Spiderman ship. And this is just the sort of move I was thinking Marvel needed to make to keep things fresh and exciting going forward. I’m excited for Age of Ultron, but I’m REALLY looking forward to seeing what happens in CA3: Civil War.

3. O The Places You’ll Go Again and Again

So a few weeks ago, news broke that legendary novelist Harper Lee was going to release a new novel – only her second one ever! It was a sequel to her seminal classic “To Kill A Mockingbird”!! This was HUGE news!! Then the narrative changed. Apparently the announcement caught many in her inner circle by surprise. In fact, it now seems as though this “novel” is really just a rough first draft of “Mockingbird” that’s been dressed up as a new novel. Lee is aging and when her advocate sister died last year, some speculated that new forces moved in and pushed out this publication to cash in a bit.

This week, it was breathlessly reported that a brand new Dr. Seuss book was coming (even though Dr. Seuss died years ago). This “newly discovered” book is called “What Pet Should I Get?” And not only that, 2 other books were discovered and will be published.

This is all exciting to fans of these authors, but isn’t it just milking the legacy of these great authors for monetary gain? A similar thing happens in music when a dead musician’s label or agency or family trust keeps on pumping out albums for years – capitalizing on the popularity of the artist.

“Mockingbird” is amazing. “The Cat in the Hat” is priceless. Why do we need more at this point?

4. Protecting the Monarchy

Monarch butterfly populations have plummeted in recent years. Since 1990, 170 million butterflies have vanished.

The amazing insect once blanketed the US each summer as they made their incredible journey from and to Mexico. Their migratory behavior is so unique and beautiful that it’s become part of the culture. Now, the monarchs are faced with a grim future. So grim, in fact, that we’re talking about declaring monarchs an endangered species. 

Want to help? Plant milkweed in your yard this spring! Easy and fun!

5. Mortality Observed

Oliver Sacks is a fantastic writer who has written all manner of things about science and humanity. Now, the end is near. Sacks was recently diagnosed with terminal cancer. In the New York Times, he opines on the diagnosis and what impending death has done for his immediate life. It’s sad and beautiful.


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