Friday News ::::: Week of January 12th

Friday News Header

1.  From the Gut

Last week we had some good news about a new antibiotic. This week there’s a story that suggests that the microbes in your gut (your “microbiome” if you want to use a current buzzword) could play a role in rheumatoid arthritis.

Get ready, folks. You’re going to be hearing a LOT more about your microbiome, probiotics, antibiotics and everything in between over the next few years!

2. The Return of Sufjan Stevens!

One of my favorites, Sufjan Stevens announced a new album this year! This will be his first LP release since the amazing (and amazingly misunderstood) The Age of Adz. I still think about the concert I went to from his Adz tour and the collective bewilderment of the audience.  This albums promises to return him to his quiet folk milieu, which will be fun!

3. Unbroken 2

I haven’t read the book or seen the movie, but Unbroken is an incredible story. Still, this is also an incredible story about “the unkillable soldier” from the UK. Read it. 

4. Music Consumption

I’ve been ruminating on the change in my music consumption for some time now. Then this quote from the awesome David Pell showed up today and I think he hit the nail on the head.

I’m at the tail-end of a pretty severe audio-related midlife crisis (related: Anyone want to buy some vinyl?) and I’m convinced that the return to Vinyl and the quest for audio excellence has less to do with sound quality and more to do with nostalgia for what listening to music used to be — an often communal activity that required focus and was more than just a soundtrack for whatever else you happened to be doing at the moment.

5. Oscars

The Oscar nominees were announced this week, so the annual tradition of complaining can finally begin! Sure, The LEGO Movie got snubbed for best animated film, but I’m just giddy over the recognition Wes Anderson is getting for The Grand Budapest Hotel!! Nine nominations! Amazing. If you haven’t seen the film, you really, really should.


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