Friday News ::::: Week of January 5th

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1.  Antibiotics

Antibiotics are in the news again this week. For years researchers have been tracking new antibiotics resistant bugs, warning of the dangers of over-prescribing the drugs and speculating on a post-antibiotic world.

One Tuesday an article was circulated that predicted that antibiotic failure would kill 10 million people per year by the year 2050.  Certainly a dire prediction and all the more reason to take a closer look at the current state of antibiotics.

Then yesterday, as if on cue, a very exciting story broke: a team at Northwestern University has discovered what could be a powerful new antibiotic – the first new antibiotic to be discovered in 30 years!  If the data bears itself out, the next 5 or so years will be spent working on this new compound: Teixobactin.

New antibiotics are certainly needed, but I believe that even more necessary is a clinical mindset that does not flippantly send people home with an antibiotic for an ailment that could very well be a viral infection. Flooding the world with antibiotics is like distributing important coded documents to enemy forces during war time.  Eventually those codes will be broken and rendered useless for the future!

2. Giants and Slings

This week was the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) where tech companies show off their latest and greatest gadgets and services to woo customers and media. There were all sorts of exciting things unveiled but the most talked about service may just be Dish Network’s Sling Television.

Sling Television is a new offering from Dish that will allow subscribers to live stream a small lineup of premium channels to their devices for $20 a month with no contracts. Not too exciting in and of itself except for the lineup includes ESPN and ESPN2. Yep, the big dog sports network is on board somehow. This will be the first time consumers will be allowed to get ESPN without a conventional cable subscription!

I will definitely be interested in test driving this service once it’s offered! Cord cutters rejoice! End the cable blockade!

3. DOS

The internet is an amazing place. Full of information, cat videos and nostalgia. The Internet Archive is one place to find some pretty obscure stuff. Recently they added a section where you can play emulator versions of classic MS-DOS based games such as the ones I grew up with! Talk about kissing your productivity goodbye! 

4. Cold

It’s cold in Minnesota right now. Very, very cold. But we’re a hearty lot and we know how to be function in the cold and how to layer up. A friend of a friend in Minneapolis has become a bit internet-famous by creating a series of videos exploring the ramifications of the Minnesota cold. 

Now his internet fame is starting to turn into real fame as The Weather Channel came and interviewed him and then the local NBC affiliate caught wind of that and did their own story! Go Nathan!

5. Ant-Man

The first teaser trailer for Ant-Man dropped this week. Remember, this is the one Edgar Wright was directing until he wasn’t any more. I hope his departure didn’t screw this up. Not much in this trailer to give an idea of the style yet.


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