EOTY List Stats

I’m a bit of a numbers geek and I love compiling data about random things. Case in point, the historical numbers I keep on my fantasy football league.  Anyway, after putting together this year’s EOTY Music List, I wondered what the data would show if I compared all of my lists from previous years and did some number crunching on them.

Here are my top five bands according to the number of releases from the last 10 years!

Band # Entries Average Rank
Hammock 6 7.33
Sigur Ros 5 2.40
Stars 5 9.00
Waterdeep 5 17.00
Sufjan Stevens 4 6.50

Probably a pretty good summation of the more prolific bands.  Of the less prolific bands, their average rank speaks more highly.

Bon Iver 2 1.50
Arcade Fire 3 3.00
Explosions in the Sky 2 6.00
Radiohead 2 6.50

It’s kind of fun to sort through the numbers! And I can’t believe that I’ve been making lists like this for 10 years now! That’s wild. In any case, look back on my EOTY lists if you like. Also, here’s a link to the complete data breakdown spreadsheet if you’re really, really geeky. 


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