Friday News ::::: Week of October 27th

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1.  More Marvel

It’s been a week of big comic book movie news. We’ve already covered all that, but here’s a new clip from Avengers 2 that shows that the good nature of the first movie will still be in play, thankfully.

2. Amelia’s Plane

News broke this week that investigators are pretty sure they found an actual piece of Amelia Earhart’s plane on a remote island in the South Pacific. Here’s a cool story that breaks down the discovery. People are still fascinated by the disappearance of this woman after decades.

3. Awesome Photos

A photographer built a nifty “moth trap” in her yard to set a nice stage for macro photos of moths and other insects. The results are really, really great. I’m already wondering if I could build something  similar.

And National Geographic shared some of their top photos of the year and there are definitely some great picks in there!


4. Mall of America

It’s a slightly sad fact that the closest mall to my house is actually Mall of America. That’s “our mall”. It’s definitely not the most convenient shopping experience, but it serves its purpose. Word came out this week that the MOA security team has equipment installed to automatically scan the license plates of cars entering and leaving the facility. So there’s no use hiding the fact that I shop there from time to time. They are always watching.


5. Netflix November


Each month, Netflix rolls out some new acquisitions to their streaming library even as old selections expire and roll off the service. This month, a number of promising picks are being added. But there’s really only one that you should care about:

Yes! The Rocketeer was a favorite of mine growing up. And in all the hubbub surrounding new comic book movies, this is a great time to re-discover this gem, It actually fits really well into the current pantheon. It’s a perfect period-piece superhero movie with plenty of nods to 1920’s Hollywood culture. If you haven’t seen it, you really, really should.



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