Friday News ::::: Week of October 20th

Friday News Header


1.  Ebola Downs and Ups

Stories of the Ebola outbreak in West Africa are waning, but it’s not because the outbreak itself is waning. Yes, Nigeria was able to eradicate the virus from its country, but many other countries are still dealing with the crisis. No, the reason we aren’t reading as much about it is because we’re not focused on the cases of Ebola here in the US. While one of the nurses who was diagnosed with the virus has fought it off, the other is improving. And the Texas hospital has apologized for its short-comings in the wake of the first reported case. The NBC camera man has also been declared virus-free. So many good things. Then yesterday, news broke that a doctor in New York has tested positive for the virus and is in isolation. Now we’re treated to maps of his movements before isolation and other crazy stories. This thing isn’t going away yet.

In the mean time, Hollywood is ready to start shipping the paranoia with a TV series based on the great book The Hot Zone.

2. Apples!

It’s orchard season and the University of Minnesota (inventors of the delicious Honeycrisp apple) have a new apple variation that will be rolling out in the next couple of years. Right now they’re calling it MN55, but I’m sure a snappy name will be coming with it.

3. Biology Photos


This week the winners of the best biology photos of 2014 were announced and there are some great ones! I recommend clicking through the entire album!

4. Pacific Rim Sequels

If you’re like me, you have really gotten tired of mindless Michael Bay Transformers movies. In the last couple of years, alternative giant monster movies have come out that are far superior to those junkers. Godzilla was great and so was Guillermo del Toro’s Pacific Rim. Now they have officially announced plans for 2 sequels to Pacific Rim! I’m very excited to see that world expand. If you haven’t seen the first film, I recommend it. Super fun.

5. Morality

Our actions show more than what’s in our hearts, they show WHO is in our hearts. Thank God for the Gospel and how it removes hearts of stone and replaces them with hearts of flesh.


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