300 Posts in 13 Years

This is post #300 on this blog. Crazy. 300 probably seems like a one year’s worth of posts to some bloggers, but I’m an on-again, off-again blogger who has taken 7ish years (technically 13 since I created the blog in 2001) to get here. So for this milestone I thought I’d link back to some of the posts that were my favorites to write.

In 2010 I thought up an idea to back through my own history and think about what albums really defined certain years of my life and then write about them. So I did a series called Life Listens and had a lot of fun exploring and re-discovering albums that were important to me in the past. Here’s the introduction to the series and here’s the link for all the posts in the series.

Speaking of series, I’ve a couple of longform series over the years. Being a Minneapolitan, I decided to delve into some interesting history of my city and neighborhood for a series called MPLS History. I loved pouring through the Historical Society photo vault and digging into some of the seedier bits of history like organized crime and corruption. Here’s the introductory post and here’s the complete series.

This blog kind of started out as a music specific affair and I really enjoy writing about the music I like and listen to. I usually do a year-end list of albums and those are easy to find, but I’ve done a couple of posts about my favorite bands and the stories of the people in those bands. The two I enjoyed writing the most were the ones on the Beach Boys / Beatles rivalry and the then-unreleased SMiLE album (Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3) and the exploration of the legacy of Nick Drake.

I also love writing concert reviews when I have the chance. It gives me the opportunity to process the show a lot more and more firmly remember it for my own enjoyment. I’ve done quite a few reviews, but I think the one that sticks out in my mind is the review of Sufjan Steven’s Age of Adz tour stop at the Orpheum Theater in Minneapolis in 2010. It was just so amazing, wild, joyful, challenging and polarizing.

Yeah, I like writing about music, but I also enjoy writing about film from time to time. I’ve occasionally written about my favorite films of any given year and I may write more about film later. Channeling my interests in film and in history together, I wrote up a short series about the making of one of history’s most infamous films: Manos: The Hands of Fate. It’s just such a weird story of ineptitude and chicanery! Here’s Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3.

Finally, I like to occasionally write about my own life and my personal experiences. I never wanted this blog to be a public diary like so many blogs are, but more of a space to just write. And sometimes that writing tilts to the personal. I wrote up an addendum of sorts to my MPLS History series that focused on the Roseville 4 theater and my many memories of that sticky-floored movie house. 

And I was moved to write a short post when my Oldsmobile finally bit the dust and saying goodbye to the car brought back a flood of memories of things related to that green sedan. 

Thanks for reading.


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