Friday News ::::: Week of October 6th

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1.  Lunar Endeavor

Even though I had a late night meeting on Tuesday night, I got up and out the door early on Wednesday morning to catch a good view of the last of 4 lunar eclipses this year! I made my way to an overlook northeast of downtown Minneapolis and found about a dozen photographers and thrill-seekers arrayed on the hill watching the moon. It was quite exciting to see so many people interested in the event. I did my best to take a few shots with my camera setup, but focusing on a dimly shining moon is a lot harder than focusing on a brightly shining moon. Still, I got a good shot or two of the moon and a couple of the awakening skyscrapers.



Of course, NASA photo of the day posted a great close-up too.

2. Ebola Update

The man in Texas fighting Ebola after a visit to Liberia has died, pushing the issue even further to the forefront of people’s minds in the states. An NBC cameraman is under quarantine in Nebraska fighting the virus as well and receiving experimental treatments.

Meanwhile, a woman in Spain contracted the disease without traveling to Africa, meaning that the virus is spreading to other countries. The woman’s dog was euthanized after it was discovered in her apartment by a disinfecting team. This act caused a large-scale protest because the dog was put down, while prompted many to wonder – why is there outrage over a dog’s death when literally THOUSANDS have died in Africa already from this disease?

So, to put things back into perspective, look over these sad photos of the ongoing fight in Africa to stop this outbreak. 

3. “Super” Bowl Halftime

Word broke overnight that the NFL has selected… Katy Perry as this year’s Super Bowl Halftime Show act.


4. Revive All the Shows!!!

It was announced this week that cult television show Twin Peaks would be revived as a Showtime series in 2016 with David Lynch directing all 9 episodes. I guess I have about a year to carve out the time to finally watch the original run.

And if you thought Twin Peaks being brought back was the craziness TV news this week, you might be right. BUT, IFC has announced they are going to produce a 3rd season of their underrated, awkward comedy series The Increasingly Poor Decision of Todd Margaret starring David Cross. I loved the squirm-inducing mayhem of the first two seasons, but the last season ended as final a note as a series could end (no spoilers here, watch it on Netflix). I have no idea how the storyline can continue from there, but I’ll definitely try to catch the episodes to find out!

5. Civil Forfeiture

John Oliver continues to kill it in long-form comedy investigations into various issues. Last week, it was the practice of Civil Forfeiture. Take a look.


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