Friday News ::::: Week of September 27th

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1.  So Intense!

If you’re looking for a fun micro-blog to add to your Feedly stream, try NASA’s Astronomy Picture of the Day blog. They always have something really cool to share on there. This week featured the above photo of a full circle rainbow over Australia. Amazing. Today, it was this next picture, a “little planet” edit of a shot of the milky way with some aurora in Sweden. So very cool.

2. ♪♫After these messages, we’ll be gone for good. ♫♪

It was noted this week that the CW canceled their Saturday morning cartoon lineup, which means that none of the major broadcast networks feature traditional Saturday morning cartoons anymore! With the rise of cable and Netflix, kids have hundreds of options for cartoons all day, every day and aren’t bound to the same 4 channels. As a kid the grew up on Saturday morning cartoons, this is a somewhat sad development.

One of my go-to media blogs, /Film, got nostalgic too and posted the historical cartoon schedules from the 80’s and their favorite Saturday morning cartoons of all time. 

3. Dunks After Dark

The Minnesota Timberwolves are re-booting the franchise. After going through my plan to fix the team, I was glad they went ahead and took this path. The season opens later this month, but the team kicked off their pre-season with an event called “Dunks After Dark”, a midnight scrimmage and dunk show in Mankato. I think this team will be exceeding fun to watch, but I’m not sure all the flash will be able to translate into wins. In any case, it’s clear that there is a hunger for competitive and entertaining basketball here in Minnesota!

4. Serial

A brand new podcast from some of the people behind This American Life debuted today. It’s called “Serial” and it is a longform, serialized exploration into a true crime. The build up for this show has been pretty exciting and I’m looking forward to diving into the series! It sounds like it will be right up my alley!

5. Trailers!

I love movie trailers and there have been a bunch of new trailers coming out that look amazingly good! Check out some of these upcoming films. Are you excited to see any of these?


Exodus (Gods and Kings):

Inside Out:

Big Hero 6:


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