Five Things ::::: Week of September 8th

Friday News Header


1.  Back to Football

The NFL is back, and more dramatic than ever! My Vikings won their opening game, which is great. My fantasy team won it’s opening game, which is great. But the NFL news cycle has been utterly hijacked by the Ray Rice story. My take: seeing the elevator video shouldn’t have been necessary to suspend Rice and launch a national discussion on domestic assault. We already saw video of Rice dragging his unconscious fiance from the elevator, so why did seeing the actual punch galvanize everything so much more than that? I don’t know. This is the story that won’t just go away and the flames get fanned more and more each day.    

2. ISIS Response

So President Obama has finally cobbled together a plan to confront ISIS in Iraq and Syria. No ground forces, just air strikes and arming of the Syrian rebels. He’s going to ask Congress for permission this time, but he’s saying that it’s happening regardless of their go-ahead. One thing’s for sure, ISIS needs to be dealt with. What’s not for sure is how to go about it and who will help.

Again, the Onion perfectly encapsulates the situation and the plan on the table: Obama Vows to Split ISIS into Dozen of Extremist Splinter Groups. 


3. ISIS Ruins Everything

The ISIS problem is far reaching and now it’s become enough a part of the cultural narrative that one of my favorite cult TV series is delaying the airing of their new season because they are worried that people won’t get the jokes in light of the new terror threats. That’s right, Danger 5’s season 2 has been indefinitely pushed back. No!

4. Goodbye, Jaws

I’m a big James Bond fan. My dad, brothers and I would often watch marathons of Bond movies on cable when I was young and I remember being thrilled by the quintessential Bond henchman – Jaws. Richard Kiel, the man who brought Jaws to life, passed away this week. He’ll leave an indelible mark on the film industry due to his imposing size and memorable roles.

5. Music News

So U2 did their own surprise release party/album giveaway this week at the Apple event. But the music news that really caught MY eye was the news that Damien Rice is finally going to release another album! It’s been 8 years since we’ve heard new music from Damien and his first two albums are favorites of mine. I’m extremely excited to hear more! And if this title track is any indication, he still has a knack for arresting, orchestral songs with lots of feeling behind them.


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