Five Things ::::: Week of September 1st

Friday News Header


1.  Wes Anderson Action Figures

I was once an avid action figure collector, trolling the Target toy aisle looking for the hard-to-find variant Star Wars and Star Trek figures. I have not paid much attention to the niche lately, but my two sons are growing up and showing interest in my old toys, so maybe I’ll be dragged back in at some point. Apparently, this is a good time too, because more and more indie films are getting some action figure love, including a film from one of my favorite auteurs: Wes Anderson! Look at these amazing figures coming out from Fantastic Mr. Fox!!

2. Space

Vox has a really, really cool collection of space photos and time lapses that highlight the intense beauty of planet Earth. Well worth a look!


3. Ebola Keeps Rolling

We’re 7 months into the latest Ebola outbreak and it continues to be the most devastating bout we’ve had yet. Now people are actively planning for the virus to jump out of the African continent. For context, look over the large infographic that charts all the historical outbreaks of the disease. 

4. JawBone UP Data

I wear a Jawbone UP band to track my steps and sleep. Recently, Jawbone published some data that showed the effect an earthquake on the west coast had on the sleep of UP users. The data was all anonymous. It’s kind of impressive to be able to capture this kind of data to better analyze the effects of earthquakes and other phenomena that affect so many people simultaneously.

5. Science is Beautiful

It truly is. Check out some of these vintage science charts to see how artistically new discoveries or theories used to be represented. So cool.


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