Five Things ::::: Week of August 18th

Friday News Header


1.  Native Advertising

If you’re an news junkie like me, you’ve probably noticed that the medium has changed dramatically in the last couple of years. Buzzfeed, for instance, has become a huge player in the internet news market, while stalwart news outlets that started in print have struggled mightily to find their way to success in the digital age. Jon Oliver, on his fantastic HBO show, talks about how news organizations are finding ways to boost their ad revenue by baking ads right into their news stories. It’s called “native advertising” and it’s a troubling trend that definitely isn’t going away.

Warning: this clip may contain some cussin’.

2. Speaking of HBO

The prestige network is always looking for the next hit drama. With Game of Thrones doing amazingly well and True Detective dominating the social networks a few months back, it seems like this winning streak will continue, but in what form?

Well, two new shows are being concocted that have really caught my eye. The first is an adaptation of the film Westworld. The film is about a theme park staffed by robots that then run amok. Sure, okay. Well, the cast so far includes Anthony Hopkins, Evan Rachel Wood, Ed Harris, James Marsden, Miranda Otto and Thandie Newton. Wow.

The second show in the pipe hasn’t officially been picked up yet, but it’s called Stillwater and tells the story of an NYC cop who moves to a small town in Minnesota and finds trouble. Minnesota pride dictates that I must follow the progress of this show as it moves towards the screen. FX proved earlier this year that Minnesota can be a great backdrop for television when they unleashed the amazing TV adaptation of Fargo. More please!


3. Opening Credits

When a film or TV show has a great opening credit sequence, I instantly like the show a lot more. The Emmy Awards recognizes the art of main title design each year. Click here to check out all the nominees for this year. My pick: True Detective with a bullet.

4. New Music from Stars

My wife and I both love the Canadian band Stars. The band is putting the finishing touches on their new album and has released the first single to the world! Take a listen to this fun new track!

5. Light Tornado

I love light painting! Here’s a cool idea to create some unique light patterns: cover a hula hoop with small LEDs and spin it up into the air. The result? These super cool photos. .



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