Five Things ::::: Week of August 11th

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1.  Summer Movies

Before having kids, my wife and I probably went to the movies about once a month. Now that we have a couple youngsters, we go maybe 3 times a year. I’m kind of excited for my kids to get a bit older so that we can go as a family and not have to deal with restlessness, multiple potty runs and general annoyance. Reading this list of the best movies of this past summer, it reminds me that I’ll have a lot of catching up to do this fall/winter on DVDs. There some great looking movies this past summer!

Did you see a good one that should be on my list? Share it in the comments.



Iraq is still a horrible place to live, especially now that ISIS is asserting itself and viciously persecuting Christians and other religious groups. There have been reports of people being beheaded, buried alive and other unspeakable acts. This picture set of people fleeing such persecution is heart-breaking. Pray for Iraq.

3. The Closers

I LOVE a good closing track on an album. Sigur Ros, Radiohead and Jimmy Eat World are three bands that consistently write perfect closing tracks. In this listicle, Flavorwire compiles their top 50 closing tracks of all time. Not a bad list.

4. Disappearing Chapel

Check out these amazing photos of an art installation in Belgium! What a cool idea!


5. AHHHH!!! My ears!!

Did you know that there is a Guitar Center in Times Square?





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