Five Things ::::: Week of August 4th

Friday News Header


1.  The Vikings

Today, my team – the Minnesota Vikings, kick off their preseason with a home game against the Raiders. I’m very excited for this upcoming year, because it’s the first year for our new head coach (Mike Zimmer) and will also feature a new offense overseen by Norv Turner. Plus, we have a promising rookie QB on the roster who might see some playing time this year! Hilariously, the first batch of Teddy Bridgewater jerseys featured a spelling error. These will be collector’s items someday! Go Vikings!

2. Sports Oddity

Speaking of sports, NBA oddball Ron Artest changed his name a few years ago to Metta World Peace. Now that his career is flagging, he’s taken his talents to China. With that move, another name change is in order. Artest announced this week that he’d be change his name to:



3. A Wrinkle In Time

The co-director of Disney’s colossal success Frozen, Jennifer Lee, has signed up adapt Madeline L’Engle’s seminal children’s book A Wrinkle in Time! Lee also wrote for the very good Wreck-It Ralph and has some serious storytelling talent. I’m a big fan of the book and I’d love to see it get a worthy film adaptation. This is a great start!

4. Catching Up with a Comet

I’m a space program geek, so I was very interested in the latest news from the European Space Agency (ESA) that their Rosetta craft has rendezvoused with a comet! According to reports, getting this far was a huge undertaking and this is the closest a craft has ever gotten to these speedy objects. The pictures also are incredible and the data they are getting back will be invaluable to the continued study of our solar system!

5. The Record Breaker

If you have some spare time, watch this short film about the man who holds the most Guiness World Records – 551. It’s fascinating and funny.



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