Five Things ::::: Week of July 28th

Friday News Header

So here’s a new feature that may or may not happen weekly (though that is the idea). It’s a sampling of some interesting news stories or pictures or whatever that got my attention this week. So here we go.

1.  West African Ebola Crisis

Since it was first announced last February, I’ve been following the latest Ebola epidemic that is raging in Western Africa. This week, the pressure really got turned up. More and more people are dying, including some doctors who have been treating patients. One patient was kidnapped from the hospital by her family who thought that the doctors were actually causing her illness. She turned herself back in after a couple of days and then died. Now, a Minneapolis man working in Western Africa has died from the virus just days before he was scheduled to fly back home. Countries are closing borders, humanitarian organizations are pulling their workers out and the CDC is starting to move towards a more concerted effort to stop the spread of the virus.

The Economist has a chart explaining the spread of the virus. 

And, in a troubling story, Vox says that we have the technology to make great strides towards an Ebola cure, but the economics of medical technology are forcing the work to the back burner. 

2. Beauty in the Twin Cities

This amazing shot from the MLB Home Run Competition in mid July is still making me smile.

3. New TV on the Radio

One of my favorite bands, TV on the Radio, has announced a new album! It’s called Seeds. And I can’t wait to hear what they’ve come up with!

4. No Time to Think

This article from the New York Times outlines one reason that people today have a hard time not checking their phone constantly. We strive to always distract ourselves from feeling alone and being introspective because those things are depressing. In the words of Louie C.K.,

“Sometimes when things clear away and you’re not watching anything and you’re in your car and you start going, oh no, here it comes, that I’m alone, and it starts to visit on you, just this sadness. And that’s why we text and drive. People are willing to risk taking a life and ruining their own because they don’t want to be alone for a second because it’s so hard.”

The Bible tells us that it was not good when man was alone, so God made a helper. That relationship is meant to be a representation of the relationship between God and Man. We are not meant to be alone, we are meant to be in a relationship with Jesus. Apart from that, introspection will always, eventually, lead to great depression.

5. The Quantified Man

I think I’ll probably end up writing a full post on this, but I’m a bit obsessed with data. Lately, I’ve been tracking my meals with an app and using another app to log my walking workouts. Now, I used some birthday money to purchase a Jawbone UP activity tracker. I’m getting all kinds of interesting data from my daily movements and, most interestingly, my sleep patterns! Nerd….



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