Stray Observations: Super Bowl 48

Well, it’s been awhile since we’ve had a Super Bowl as lopsided as the one we saw last night. Peyton Manning lost his 2nd Super Bowl while the upstart, defensive-minded Seahawks crushed the best offensive from the regular season. I watched the game, but my attention was divided between the action on the screen and the action of my restless kids. Still, here are a few stray observations I made during the event:

  • Joe Namath is the official coin flipper for the game. He comes out wearing his signature fur coat. The ref hands him the coin and begins to explain how the flip will work. Namath proceeds to just go ahead and flip the coin before anyone calls it. The ref has to jump in and intercept the coin. It’s fantastic. 
  • The first play from scrimmage was a pretty good encapsulation of the entire game. The Broncos have the ball first and set up around their 15 yard line. Peyton calls the play, set up in the shotgun, gives his hard count and then walks up to change the play, but the center proceeds to snap the ball which goes into the end zone for a safety. The Broncos are shocked and never, ever recover from that stupid mistake. 
  • The rest of the first half was full of more of the same. Complete ineptitude from the Broncos and cold execution from the Seahawks. Manning was hassled, his receivers were chipped and picked like crazy and his defensive was completely overwhelmed by a pumped up Seattle offense. 
  • The commercials were pretty pedestrian by my estimation. I always like the movie trailers more than the regular commercials. Here’s the YouTube playlist of all the relevant commercials. 
  • Bruno Mars. Now, I really don’t know much about this guy and I think I’ve only heard one of his songs before. And even though I’m not a huge fan of this genre of music, this guy has some real talent. And what a boss way to start a Super Bowl halftime show: with a drum solo. He had stage presence, a great voice, some good dance moves and plenty of good energy with his whole band. 
  • Red Hot Chili Peppers. Why were they part of this show? Yeah, they were fine and they did their thing, but the show sure didn’t need them. Mars was doing just fine and their emergence just seemed arbitrary. 
  • More of the same game action in the second half after Harvin takes the kickoff to the house for another Seattle TD. Harvin deserved to win the game MVP in my opinion more than Malcolm. But the defense won the game overall, so maybe they should have given it to the whole defensive team. 
  • I have fallen for Russell Wilson. The guy is a class act. A really good QB, a really likable guy and a vocal Christian. It was great to hear him first thank God when interviewed after the game. Follow him on Twitter and you’ll get more glimpses into his faith. 

  • And finally, it’s cool to see so many former Vikings win rings. Percy Harvin, Sidney Rice, Heath Farwell, Darrell Bevell (offensive coordinator) and, yes, even Tarvaris Jackson. Our day will come! SKOL VIKINGS!
  • Those shots of Eli Manning sitting sadly in his box were actually great. It shows that Eli truly wanted his brother to win. Eli has two rings to Peyton’s one, but he still wants his older brother to win. Plus, he has a great sad, pout face. 
  • Here’s hoping that Peyton Manning comes back strong again next year. His legacy is in danger here. We all remember Marino as one of the best ever, but his legacy shows that he never won it all. But he only made it to one Super Bowl and faced Joe Montana. Peyton has been there 3 times and is 1-2. He beat the Bears and Rex Grossman, but he has lost to Drew Brees and, now, Russell Wilson. One more ride, Peyton. One more ride. 
  • Plus, I’d love to draft him in my fantasy league just once before he retires. 

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