Texting a Stranger

A couple months ago, Becky and I decided that we text enough to upgrade our plan to include unlimited texting. Before it was 15 cents incoming and outgoing. I still hardly use the feature, but our bill has gone down slightly so it was worth it.

On Saturday, I had the following text message exchange with someone I do not know. Afterwards, I was glad that I wasn’t paying for each message.

12:07pm debs boy: Hey what are you doing? This is debs boy

12:08pm Me: You have the wrong number.

12:10pm debs boy: Lol this isn’t anne

12:16pm debs boy: Is it or not. Just tryin to reach this girl

12:17pm Me: Wrong number. Seriously.

12:22pm debs boy: Lmao have a great day. And don’t take life so seriously dude. You’ll never get out alive.Enjoy life, and enjoy the people you meet or talk to out of fate. Peace buddy

12:29pm debs boy: And that wasn’t a threat so dont be worried k. Just friendly advice

12:41pm debs boy: Yo what are you up to? Are you planning on rippin out here? 


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