Alfred Hitchcock Channels Michael Scott

If you know me well, you know that I’m a big fan of Alfred Hitchcock films. Hitchcock took directing very seriously and was meticulous in his craft. He did not, however, take himself too seriously. He made cameo appearances in most of his films, often doing strange tasks like carrying large musical instruments. One cameo even featured him as the before and after pictures in a weight loss in a paper being read on screen to poke fun at his own girth.

Hitchcock was also the on-screen host of the trailers for his forthcoming movies, explaining the plot with his trademark dry humor and sardonic wit.

Recently, I ran across a video of Hitchcock doing a sound check with an actress on the set of his 1929 film “Blackmail”. The video description claimed that Hitch makes a “That’s What She Said” joke a la Steve Carrell on “The Office”. The video is hysterical and gives yet another look into the sense of humor Hitchcock maintained while making some of the most suspenseful films Hollywood has ever seen.


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