Netflix Instant Watch Explosion

Last summer I bought a Roku player to take better advantage of Netflix’s Instant Watch library. Since then, we’ve really enjoyed being able to pull from a fairly large library of movies and TV episodes and watch them on our TV. The selection has steadily been improving too. Looking ahead, April 1st seems to be a big day for TV Show IW releases. Here’s some of what will be added on Thursday according to

24 – Seasons 1-7
The X-Files – Seasons 1-9
Arrested Development – Seasons 1-3
Black Adder – Seasons 1-4
Buffy: The Vampire Slayer – Seasons 1-7
Roswell – Seasons 1-3
Firefly – The Complete Series

I haven’t seen any of Buffy or 24 and have endured much lobbying from friends to dive in, so I will most likely do so now that they are available on IW. Lost is already a part of the library, meaning I’ll probably take the plunge into that show at some point too (I have yet to see a single episode, oddly enough).

Anyone else a fan of Netflix Instant Watch?


One thought on “Netflix Instant Watch Explosion

  1. Definitely. I've really enjoyed the comedians that are available there. I've done some catching up on tv shows as well since their player is better than most network sites.

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