Welcome to this dusty land…

A number of families very close to ours are having babies! The Burlingames’ boy made his debut yesterday and the Dev’s are due any minute now. Plus, there are half a dozen more babies on their way to our little church nursery in the next few months! 

With that in mind, I wanted to share this great little song by Lori Chaffer (of Waterdeep). It’s called Welcome

Lori Chaffer – Welcome


by Lori Chaffer

welcome to this dusty land
where you will cry lots but we’ll all understand
things may not turn out sometimes like you plan
that’s alright our little man

welcome outside of your mother’s womb
i know that it’s frightening 
but now there’s more room
just think of all the great things you’ll do
just by you being you

i don’t care what the world
says about all this struggling
all i know is that now you’re here
it’s all lovely, lovely

i don’t care about 
all the things that have troubled me
now that you’re here i remember life 
can be so lovely
though it’s troubling
but you’re lovely

welcome to us, oh our little song
you’re one part your daddy
one part your mom
they’re gonna help you grow up to be strong
but for now little guy
sleep on


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