Breaking News! New Waterdeep!

Waterdeep is back with a new album! Here’s the scoop from the band’s email update:

It will arrive at your proverbial doorstep in a new and unusual format: a double EP- two CDs of 6 or 7 songs each- one CD of Lori’s songs, and one CD of my songs. The reason for this is that Lori and I wanted to collaborate on music again as Waterdeep, but we also wanted to give each other’s music room to get its own pace and mood going, to give each set of songs its own real estate. And we’re really pleased with the results.  Where Heart Attack Time Machine was our just-us-two-in-our-basement-with-acoustic-instruments album, this is our let’s-have-a-party-and-whoop-it-up album. It covers a lot of ground, lots of interesting textures on this new album. And I didn’t even mention the five sisters who sang background vocals, the disco violins, the synthesizers, and the out-of-control background vocals. I didn’t want to overwhelm you…

Sounds great! Not only that, but they’re offering three different pre-order packages. One with a disc and a download card; one with the disc, download, bonus tracks and a t-shirt; and a limited edition package featuring:    

(1) Cool sticker

(1) ORIGINAL piece of artwork by one or the other of the Chaffer children (Miles or Ruby)*
(2) Percussion toys (like the ones used on this and other Waterdeep albums)
(1) SIGNED and numbered LIMITED EDITION Activity book (includes lyrics, pictures to color, songwriting exercises – the same ones Lori used to write some of the songs on the album, an extended essay from Don on some of the themes that drove the album, and much much more).
(1) Digital Download Card with 4 Studio bonus tracks & Audio interview with Don & Lori about the album
(1) T-shirt
(1) SIGNED Hard copy double disk version of Pink & Blue
(1) Digital Download Card of Pink & Blue that will ship by 11/3/08

Whew! Simply amazing! On top of all this, Don and Lori Chaffer are touring again with Derek Webb and Sandra McCracken. So far, no dates have been annouced this far north, but I hope they make it up this way!


2 thoughts on “Breaking News! New Waterdeep!

  1. I’ve never heard of this band before… is it a husband and wife, or brother and sister? Or do they just have the same last name? Oddly enough the concept of their album sounds similar to Outkast’s Speakerboxxx/The Love Below album.

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