Things I love about Google and

Ever since joining a couple years ago, I’ve enjoy all that the site has to offer. It tracks the music I play and helps me discover new artists that are similar to the ones I already like, but I’m sure most of my readers already know that. Recently, I learned a couple new tricks that made the service even cooler when coupled with Google Calendar.

First, you can create a live-updating calendar of upcoming concerts in your area by bands you like. Once created, that calendar can be added to your GCal account and you can view it alongside your own schedule. Just go to “Events” in and click on the RSS logo “Recommended Events” area and select Google Calendar. Now I can easily stay up to date on what bands are rolling through the Twin Cities! Here’s mine:

As if that’s not enough, this week I discovered a third party site called Soundamus. Soundamus uses your scrobbles and figures out which bands you listen to have new albums coming out. Then, it sends you RSS notifications about them. You can also plug the release schedule into your GCal account! Just type in your username on the front page of the site and it will populate a release schedule. You can then add it to your RSS reader or GCal (or both). It takes a couple hours for everything to show up on your calendar, but it will continue live updating after that. Moreover, you can click the release note and find links to Amazon for ordering and to Soundamus where you’ll find similar artists listed! Here’s what it looks like in my case:

My only complaint is that it lists European release dates too and also re-releases and special editions of albums. Kind of redundant. Plus, I’m not sure why Plumb’s new disc is listed. I haven’t listened to them in ages.

If you’re a music junkie like me, you should check these tools out.


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