Let me be clear…

I would NOT be happy if this happened:

I know why there’s a fuel shortage, people keep throwing it all on the fire of these stupid rumors! Favre himself is doing nothing to quench them either! I don’t care whether he retires or not, I just want him to stop stringing the NFL community along with his attention-craving sideshow!

Rest assured, whoever the GB QB is in week one will spend most of the game on his back courtesy of Jared Allen and the rest of the Vikings D line. In a way, I hope it’s #4.


2 thoughts on “Let me be clear…

  1. You’ve got to be kidding me, Peter. You WOULD be happy if that happened. Let’s see….hall of fame quarterback who could actually get us to the superbowl-OR-a quarterback who has done nothing to show that he has potential to be a solid NFL player.I’m not saying it’s going to happen–in fact, I think it’s highly unlikely.But it would be great–I don’t think you could deny that.

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