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If you live in California and you want to front a rock band, you’d better have something unique to give you a leg up on the ubiquitous competition. The lead singer of the band Creeper Lagoon has one of the most unique and appropriate names in the business: Sharky Laguna. Yeah, what booking agent wouldn’t answer an email signed “Sharky Laguna of Creeper Lagoon”?

Creeper Lagoon began in the early 90’s as a solo project for Laguna, but eventually he incorporated the help of a rotating cast of friends and members of other CA bands. They were a four-piece when they released their first full-length in ’98. They have since gone through many permutations and are now apparently dormant following the release of their 2006 LP Long Dry Cold.

I don’t even really remember how I stumbled across them, but it was their 2002 EP entitled Remember the Future that I discovered by accident. The EP contains 5 songs with layered sounds and reversed guitar drones over Laguna’s hushed vocals. It was a disc for bright-yet-melancholy spring days. I loved it. It just may be my favorite EP ever, actually.

Today, while researching the band’s current state for this post, I noticed that Creeper Lagoon has taken an ardent stance against the RIAA and started distrubuting their music independantly through their own digital label. Here’s a quote from their website:

Out of Solidarity with Jammie Thomas who was charged $9250 per song by the RIAA, we are changing the price of our records to $.09 per song. That is roughly
100,000 times cheaper then what the RIAA is charging Jammie. Screw the RIAA and don’t buy major label music (and yes this includes our previous major label

For those that don’t know, Jammie Thomas is the Minnesota woman who was sued by the RIAA for downloading songs and actually went to court rather than settle out of court. She lost big time and had to pay the above stated fines.

So yeah, now you can be the proud owner of one of the best EP’s ever made for $0.45! You can also purchase their 2006 LP for $1.19 directly from the artist. How cool is that? Click here to visit their website and buy some great music!

Here are two sample tracks from the Remember the Future EP.

Creeper Lagoon – So Little to Give

Creeper Lagoon – Kisses and Pills


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