Do Understand, The Dream is Over

Brett Favre will retire!!

Today is a great day.

So many questions though!

– Where is John Madden right now and is someone making sure he doesn’t jump?

– Who will be the next QB that the media deems infallible?

– Without Favre, which NFL player will take his place as the one who “has the most fun out there”?

More seriously though:

– Why would Brett retire now with his team is great shape and his last pass a bad interception?

– Was the Packer’s lack of interest in Randy Moss a factor (Favre’s interest was clear)?

– Is Aaron Rodgers mantle-worthy or will they explore the draft class and free agency?

– Will Packer nation revolt without their king?

– How much Wisconsin revenue will be lost today as the people mourn?

– Will Favre seek a broadcasting job? How about Joe Buck, Troy Aikman and Brett Favre in the same booth!! The sheer possibility gives me goosebumps!!


3 thoughts on “Do Understand, The Dream is Over

  1. He isn’t retiring. It’s all a complete sham. The quarterback who takes the first snap of the 2008 season for the Packers will be Brett Favre. He just wasn’t getting enough attention…

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