Music Monday

Oscar gets it right (and I’m not just talking about Diablo Cody for Original Screenplay, which was also the right call)!!! Glen Hansard and Marketa Irglova were honored last night with the award for Best Original Song for the song Falling Slowly from the film Once. They were definitely the most deserving nominee and I was so happy to see them win it!

The story of the filming of Once is quite amazing. Glen was asked to play the lead and sing his own songs only after Cillian Murphy dropped out amid fears of singing tough songs and romancing a then-17-year-old Marketa Irglova. Neither Glen nor Marketa had done much acting before (Glen had had one small role a number of years before) and the film was shot on location with bystanders as extras over a 17-day period. The final budget was only about $100,000 due to the use of natural lighting and public “sets”. When the film has finally cleared theaters last December, the worldwide gross was around $14 million!!

Glen and Marketa’s on-screen chemistry was no mistake and they are now a couple in real life. They have toured worldwide supporting the film and the soundtrack. They also recorded an album together in Prague under the name The Swell Season which featured many of the songs from Once. Meanwhile, Glen continues to work with his band The Frames.

And now, on top of it all, the two of them are Oscar winners! My favorite moment of the ceremony had to be when Jon Stewart invited Marketa back out after the music cut short her acceptance speech. Her sincere gratitude and grace was great to see and her encouragment to independant musicians was inspiring. Here’s the clip of their win and acceptance:

And here are THREE versions of this year’s Best Original Song.

Falling Slowly – From the film Once

Falling Slowly – as played in studio by The Swell Season

Falling Slowly – as played by Glen’s band The Frames

I’ve given you three good versions of this song, so please promise me you’ll ignore this version that was posted on the official movie website:



3 thoughts on “Music Monday

  1. Thanks Peter (or should I say “Tanks”) for showing that clip. I didn’t catch the majority of the Oscars but I’m glad they one. I was also very impressed with John Stewart in letting Marketa say her speech.—b

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