Music Monday

I’m currently battling the flu and considered not posting this today, but I have a new artist that I really wanted to highlight. His name is Yoav.

Yoav’s music is described as a cross between Radiohead, Beck and (oddly enough) Justin Timberlake. What makes Yoav’s music so unique is that it’s composed entirely on the acoustic guitar, making use of loop pedals and other effects. It’s amazing how many sounds he can produce and how diverse those sounds can be.

Yoav grew up in South Africa and began playing guitar (against his parents wishes) when he was 12. As he began listening to more and more music, he honed his own style into a fusion of many of his favorites. He began incorporating his love of Club music and its signature beats into his playing. After struggling for five years to find an audience that would be into his unique style, he finally landed a record deal and release his debut entitled Charmed and Strange.

Here are my two favorite tracks from that disc. I think many of you will really enjoy this.

Yoav – Adore, Adore

Yoav – Club Thing

Now back to bed…


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