Music Monday

Back in the early 90’s there was a Christian band that defied the typical CCM template and made noisy, alternative music that appealed to the more indie-minded listeners of the day. While dcTalk was writing songs with titles like “Nu Thang” and “Luv is a Verb”, The Prayer Chain was releasing songs like “Mercury” and “Grylliade”. Winning over many fans (though, unfortunately, not nearly as many as dcTalk), TPC called it quits in 1996.

Two of the members formed a new band with the name The Lassie Foundation. Their sound borrowed heavily from the noisy shoegazing of The Prayer Chain, but also from the California sounds of The Beach Boys. This unique mix got them noticed by the Hollywood community and their music was features on such programs as Buffy the Vampire Slayer and The Real World.

During their ten year run, the band released three LPs and a number of EPs and played with the likes of The New Pornographers, At The Drive-In, Phantom Planet, The Walkmen and Creeper Lagoon. In 2006, the band announced they were breaking up and their lead guitarist was joining Billy Corgan’s new band (something called Smashing Pumpkins). They released a two disc retrospective compilation, performed a farewell show and rode off into the sunset. Or so we all thought.

Just this month, TLF announced via their MySpace page that they are in fact back in the studio recording again. Bassist Cupie has also been posting on the Northern Records boards that they may go as far as releasing a new LP as a result of these sessions. I for one couldn’t be happier. TLF has a great sound and it would be great to hear more from them in the future.

Here are two samples of the music of The Lassie Foundation. Enjoy!

The Lassie Foundation – El Rey

The Lassie Foundation – I’m Stealing to Be Your One in a Million


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