Music Monday

I haven’t seen an episode of Conan in a long time, but I know he used to do a bit called “If They Mated”. For the bit, he would show two pictures of celebrities and then a picture depicting what the child of those two would look like. Examples here.

Well, I’m going to do my own musical version of “If They Mated” today. The potential parents are two elder statesmen of the British indie rock scene: Radiohead and The Beta Band. Radiohead is known for their ability to push their own boundaries and never do what is expected of them (including leaking their 6th album themselves and releasing their 7th independantly on their website). The Beta Band, on the other hand, kept a low profile and actually broke up a couple of years ago. They are famous for having their amazing song Dry The Rain spotlighted in the amazing film High Fidelity. So… IF THEY MATED…

Ladies and gentlemen, Hood. Hood is from Leeds, England, and their music very unique. They mix picked acoustic guitars with tenderly reverbed vocals and glitchy dance loops. They hushed vocals are often manipulated to give the sense that you’re listening to Iron and Wine-esque lo-fi indie goodness, but this is definitely dance rock in disguise. They have even been lumped into the IDM niche genre.

In their 11 year run as a band, they put out seven albums and a couple of singles compilations before going on indefinite hiatus (the oh-so-hot alternative to breaking up) in 2006. The members are currently pursuing other musical endeavors and collaborating loosely with each other from time to time. Since most people, myself included, only discovered their music in the last five years, it feels like they were so short lived (even though they lasted longer than most bands do). But hiatus is a tricky word and perhaps we have not yet heard the last of this genre-bending band.

Two samples for you here, both from Hood’s criminally underrated 2001 LP Cold House.

Hood – They Removed All Trace That Anything Had Ever Happened Here

Hood – You Show No Emotion At All


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