Let the virus spread…

The Radiohead Revolution continues!

On Saturday I received the new issue of Paste Magazine in the mail. I’ve been enjoying Paste for about a year now and I’m always excited to see what great bands and filmmakers are featured in its pages. However, in this issue the thing that first caught my eye was an ad proclaiming that Paste is asking new subscribers to “pay what they want” for a year’s subscription.

This is obviously a direct result of Radiohead employing a similar system for their newest LP, In Rainbows. Paste is supporting this new thought process for artists by taking the plunge themselves (albeit for a limited time and with a base price of $1). It will be interesting to see how this goes over and whether Paste loses money on the stunt.

I’m not on Paste’s payroll, but I highly suggest you take advantage of this promotion. The zine is published monthly (excluding January) and each issue includes a mix CD of featured artists. The price of 11 issues on the newstand would be about $70 and subscriptions normally cost $20. So consider it!

Link Here!

Speaking of Mix CDs, I’ll hopefully be posting my latest Digital Mix tomorrow. Also, since November is upon us, I’m beginning to compile my list of the best music of the year. I thought last year was great, but I think this year is turning out to be a better year for music. Here are my favorites from 2006:

Top Albums Part One

Top Albums Part Two


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