Music Monday – Special Edition

As I mentioned below, I attended a concert last night featuring Arcade Fire along with LCD Soundsystem. I have to say, I was very impressed.

I’ve been wanting to see Arcade Fire live ever since I first heard their viciously hyped sophomore disc Funeral. Their array if instrumentation is amazing. I was particularly impressed by Regine Chassagne, the co-frontperson of the band (along with her husband Win). She played everything from the drumset to the pipe organ and sang at each station. Very talented. Then there was the peripheral instrument specialist William Butler (yes, Win’s brother) who, during the performance, leapt from the stage and ran to the balcony where he continued banging away on his tom and screaming. Those crazy Canadians.

LCD Soundsystem was the opening act, but they felt like more of a co-headliner. Their music was incredibly tight the whole time and the antics of the players were very entertaining. I don’t think I’ve ever been breathless upon the appearance of a disco ball before, but when they dropped the lights and hit it during a song it was truely perfect. James Murphy kind of reminded me of Will Ferrell at times, with his dry humor on the mic and frantic cowbell playing.

Here are some blurry shots I took at the show. And below these are some sample tracks from these two great bands.

LCD Soundsystem

Arcade Fire

LCD Soundsystem – Disco Infiltrator

Arcade Fire – Wake Up

In other important music news, the Radiohead album that’s been in production for years and whose release date is perpetually pushed back will be released in 10 days!?! Yes, RH’s 7th LP entitled In Rainbows is being released digitally on October 10th. Oh yeah, and they’re releasing it indepentantly. Oh, and it’s free to download. Radiohead is single handedly restructuring the music industry with this move. I’ll have to dedicate a post to this at a later date.


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