The Greatness of Craig’s List

Since buying our house last June, I’ve been scouring Craig’s List in hopes of finding cheap, nice furniture. After picking them up, Becky and I realized that we have only bought one brand new piece of furniture for our house and that was a nightstand from Ikea. We further realized that if we had bought all of our used stuff new, it would have cost us at least $1000 more.

Now, that’s saying nothing about the musical instruments I’ve also purchased on Craig’s List. My banjo, djembe, and theremin are all from Craig’s List.

What a great little site!


One thought on “The Greatness of Craig’s List

  1. I agree. Go Craigslist! I thought I was sold on Craigslist after getting our living room furniture from craigslist and then we got Scout, our 7 month old puppy off craigslist and it was sealed.

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