Music Monday

There once was a band named Luxury that was signed to the then-hot Alt-Christian label Tooth & Nail. They built a solid fanbase through marathon tour schedules and great stage presence. However, the band met an early end 1999 after only three albums. The band’s frontman, Lee Bozeman, embarked on a solo experiment he called All Things Bright and Beautiful. If you haven’t experienced the album Love & Affection, you’re missing out a profound expression of artistic merit.

But there was another Bozeman in Luxury who also soldiered on after the band’s demise. Jamey Bozeman founded the band Canary and released one record under that moniker. Soon after, the band shuffled slightly and changed their name to They Sang As They Slew (which is a reference to a passage from The Lord of the Rings). This band was signed to Northern Records (the label home of ATB&B) and released a stellar effort entitled Get Well.

While Lee Bozeman took his own brand of poetry to his solo record, Jamey took his rock prowess to TSATS. The record boasts some huge guitar sounds and subtle electronic touches which really make it stand out from other power rock groups. Their dismissal of standard rock maps (Verse, Chorus, Verse, Chorus, Bridge, Chorus 2x) is evident from the very first track and their ability to change dynamics between tracks without losing momentum is admirable. Jamey’s voice is similar to Lee’s, but more towards the baritone range and he has to stretch himself to reach the octaves required by his own song writing. The result is a hard hitting album of alternative rock that doesn’t insult the listener’s intelligence and keeps us guessing. Well worth a listen.

Here’s a example of their talent. This is my favorite track from Get Well entitled “Death in the City”.


One thought on “Music Monday

  1. This isn’t really in regard to your post, but I had to respond to the things your are currently enjoying, mainly: Kickball. My wife and I are playing on a kickball team here in Eau Claire. We celebrated our first victory last (that would be first in two seasons). Also the theremin is awesome, good luck.

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