Music Monday

Elbow has made a name for themselves in recent years as being one of the most innovative bands in the UK. As Radiohead spins their wheels in the studio, Elbow has been producing some quality albums. Their own studio techniques have been emulated already by the likes of Editors and I Am Kloot (both of whom have also toured with Elbow). Their lyrics are also said to be quite creative and blunt even.

Their first album, Asleep in the Back, really caught my attention back in 2001 for containing an awesome fusion of shoegaze guitars and interesting rhythm choices. I wasn’t as wowed at first by their next two albums, but they are definitely growers. I really do like this band now and am anxiously awaiting their fourth album late this year or early next (‘cuz that’s when all the cool UK bands are releasing albums).

Here are two samples of the great music of Elbow. First, we have a song off of their latest disc Leaders of the Free World called “Picky Bugger”. This song perfectly illustrates what I mean when I say their music style is innovative. Second, we have my favorite Elbow tune which is actually a b-side from their first album. It’s called “George Lassoes the Moon” (bonus points for anyone who can identify the film that song title references).

Elbow – Picky Bugger

Elbow – George Lassoes the Moon


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