Speaking on Sports

A few thoughts on the world of sports:

1. Thanks for the Memories

I have mixed feeling about seeing Kevin Garnett go to the Boston Celtics. I was one who hoped KG would never leave the Wolves, that he would retire as a member of this team. However, over the last couple of years, it became clear that the Wolves were never going to be able to place a quality team of role-players around Kevin to give him a shot at the title. Part of the problem was KG’s enormous salary. They actually changed the rules of NBA contracts so players couldn’t get the kind of contract that KG had back then. The fact that so much money was tied up in one guy made it hard for other premier players to stay here. Marbury, Cassell, Sprewell, all of them could have really made it happen here, but they all got sick of playing for less money and less spotlight than Garnett. Meanwhile, Garnett NEVER griped about his situation. He never asked for a trade. He never pouted on the bench or made destructive comments to the press about the team. He just kept playing his best every night. If the team stunk, he played his heart out. If the team reached the Conference Finals, he played his heart out. He never changed his attitude. He was a classy guy. He still is.

I hope Boston knows that they are getting one of the best competitors ever to play the game. They are getting a loyal, mature, level-headed athlete who wants nothing more than to win. I’ll be following their team closely this season. I want to see Garnett level the Eastern Conference and duke it out with a Western Conference power team in the Finals. That is what Kevin wants more than anything right now.

Let’s contrast that with another Minnesota superstar who left the state for “bigger” things: Randy Moss. Moss was also a freak of a young athlete. He raised his team to another level and showed himself to be one of the best players in the NFL. However, when the plays weren’t run through him, he checked out of games. He stopped running his routes. He left for the locker room early. He got into trouble off the field and on the field. He showed that all he cared about was himself and his money. When he was dealt to the Oakland Raiders two seasons ago, I was very okay with it. He was childish and selfish. The polar opposite of what Kevin Garnett was to the Wolves. You will find no mug shots of Kevin Garnett on the internet. You will find no film of Kevin giving up on the team when they were about to lose a game. That’s why losing Kevin is a hard pill to swallow.

2. Sports Journalism
This is an amazing world we live in. I feel like I’m on the sidelines watching the Vikings’ training camp in Mankato thanks to the Star Tribune and their RSS feeds. While I’m sitting at work, I can hop into my Google Reader and have updates throughout the day on how practice is going. Yesterday, I heard that Chester Taylor was carted off the field with an injury 5 minutes after is actually happened!! Then later, an update was posted that it was a bruised forarm and he’d be just fine in a couple days. Incredible how quickly information can be routed to me these days.

3. Soccer
While the arrival of David Beckham to the U.S. has reportedly increased MLS jersey sales 300%, the real American soccer star is named Becky Carlson. Last night I had the opportunity to see what all the media buzz was about. My wife played in the championship game of her soccer league last night. The game was tied at 1-1 at the end of regulation, so they went into a shootout. My wife took the second shot for her team and nailed it. They eventually went into sudden death where her team emerged victorious! Congrats to Becky Carlson and the rest of the Brown Stars.

4. Fantasy Football
Is right around the corner. Is anyone else excited about this?!?!

3 thoughts on “Speaking on Sports

  1. First off, congrats to Becky on her soccer game! Way to go! Also, I love the pic of KG you found. Classic. Finally, I too am psyched about fantasy football. We need an official Hiawatha league this year.—b

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