Gathering Clouds

Those dark clouds rolling in from the Northwest are looking great outside. However, the dark clouds over the National Basketball Association are not. Last week, the story broke that an NBA referee had been accused of betting on games (including games that he officiated). This is probably the biggest scandel the NBA has ever faced and it could seriously affect the fanbase. I for one am very surprised to hear this news. As a big fan of the NBA, I am hoping they are able to push through this and move forward. Specifically, I don’t want to watch games next season and hear nothing but speculation and commentary about the officiating job the refs are doing.

With that being said, last postseason featured a great series between the Phoenix Suns (whom Becky and I love) and the San Antonio Spurs (whom Becky and I despise). One critical game in that series was game 3 where the Spurs pulled out a win that seemed very dirty. I remember Becky and I watching that game and being very upset at some phantom calls against the Suns and some no-calls in favor of the Spurs. Now the news comes out that this Tim Donaghy was one of the refs for that game. There’s no way of knowing right now if he had money on this game or anything, but for his part he did a terrible job in this game. Bill Simmons from ESPN wrote an article after viewing the game calling it the worst officiated game he had ever seen. So in my mind, something was going on behind the scenes on this one. Here’s a video of some highlights (or, more appropriately, lowlights) of that game. You be the judge.

The story just gets more and more bizarre. According to reports, Donaghy has had death threats and is currently under police protection. There is also some speculation that he got caught because he has some ties to seedy characters in the mob that are out some money because of his actions.

Man, between this story, Michael Vick’s dogfighting accusations, Barry Bonds controversy, and the Tour de France implosion, and the Twins in general, this is not a good month for sports. Bring on the Vikings!!!!!!


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