Music Monday

Okay, stay with me here. We’re about to tread off our normal path of indie rock. Today I’m highlighting a band that operates in a genre I usually am not a fan of – Electro-House. But, this band deserves your attention if only for a little while.

The band is called Justice and they are a French two-man techno outfit. They got their start doing remixes and hit it big with a remix of a song called “Never Be Alone” by an English band called Simian. They remixed a few other songs into house dance tunes before heading into the studio for the own original album. But the music scene was not quite prepared for what Justice would produce. Their debut album was this:

Yes, the title of the album is”Cross”. It turns out that the guys from Justice have a very deep faith in Jesus. Their concerts incorporate a large, light-up cross that is on for the duration of their set. Their album features tracks with titles like “Genesis”, “Let There Be Light”, and “Waters of Nazareth”. They were even interviewed by Pitchfork and were asked “What is the last great book you read?” Their answer? “The Bible. (this is not a joke).”

While the lyrics of their songs do not put forth any clear Christian thoughts, their performances clearly do and they are not hiding their faith in interviews. I think their music is great and it’s not every day you find a shining light like this in the dance club scene.

Here is their current single entitled “D.A.N.C.E.” that is garnering rave reviews in on both sides of the pond. The track incorporates Jackson 5 style samples with some disco strings and house beats. The fusion works and you’ll soon be hearing this song in commercials all over they place.

Download it here:

Justice – D.A.N.C.E.


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