Happy Birthday, Computer.

In honor of the tenth anniversary of Radiohead’s masterpiece album OK Computer, music blog site Stereogum has done something incredibly cool. They asked some of their favorite (and some of my favorite) artists to record special covers of every song on the album and have released the results free on their site.

The artists include Dave Bazan, John Vanderslice, Cold War Kids, The Twilight Sad, and My Brightest Diamond. Not a bad lineup!

I personally think that OK Computer is Radiohead’s finest album. It’s really the starting point for their artistic recreation. With their first album, Pablo Honey, they are an offshoot of the hot grunge scene. Then they do 90’s rock with The Bends (which is a GREAT album as well). But with OK Computer, they leave the influence of their peers and create something completely new. With touches of electronica and frantic guitar parts, it was a revelation to the music scene. From there, Radiohead continues to make left turns and dodge the mainstream. Kid A and Amnesiac are even more electronic and Hail to the Thief is a blend of electronica and straight rock. Who knows what they’ll pull for their 7th album (currently being recorded and mixed for a probable 2008 release. In any case, if there’s a band that has influenced more indie artists in the last ten years, I don’t know them.

Download the free covers album here!


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