Music Monday: ID4 Edition

Happy week of Independence Day! For this week’s Music Monday, I’ll be highlighting one of the more patriotic songwriters in the indie music scene (if not THE most patriotic): Sufjan Stevens. Yeah, you’re probably sick of hearing about him, but the truth is he hasn’t had nearly the headlines this year as he had in the last couple. Part of the reason for that is the fact that he has yet to announce any new albums this year. However, he has been sprinkling new songs throughout his set lists as he skips around on mini-tours.

Therefore, with the absence of new material from Mr. Stevens, I’m going to share some rare and/or unreleased Sufjan tracks with you.

The first track is the most relevant to this week: Sufjan’s modified rendition of Francis Scott Key’s anthem “The Star Spangled Banner”. I love the added bridge and the piano instrumentation. This is a live recording, but the quality is quite good for an mp3.

Sufjan Stevens – The Star Spangled Banner (Live)

Next, as a special Independence Day gift, I’m uploading a hand full of songs that were released as vinyl-only bonus tracks. They are from the Michigan/Seven Swans era and are all very good. I especially like the track “Wolverine”. Enjoy!

Sufjan Stevens – Wolverine (from the Michigan vinyl edition)
Sufjan Stevens – Borderline (from The Dress Looks Nice On You vinyl single)
Sufjan Stevens – I Went Dancing With My Sister (from the Seven Swans vinyl re-issue)
Sufjan Stevens – Waste of What Your Kids Don’t Have (from the Seven Swans vinyl re-issue)


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