First Breath After Coma

First of all, let me just mention that Waterdeep released the digital copy of their new album today. Heart Attack Time Machine is available in MP3 format at their official website. If you save your order confirmation, you can get a physical copy of the disc for $4 when it comes out.

I was thinking about how Waterdeep is still able to continue to put out great music after all these years and after a lengthy break from touring and such. It got me to thinking that there are really quite a few projects coming out in the next year from people I thought were never going to release new material together. Here’s a short list:

  • Futurama – the creator of the Simpsons put this show out in 1999 on Fox. After four seasons of being kicked around by the network, Futurama was finally cancelled. However, it found new life as part of the Cartoon Network’s Adult Swim block. Now, the team is coming back together to release four DVD movies that will then be broadcast as a new season on Comedy Central. The first movie is slated for release late this year. I’m so happy that this show is getting a second chance.
  • Mystery Science Theater 3000 – this was one of my favorite shows through high school and college. My brothers and I would watch it on Sunday nights on Sci-Fi and later I would watch it Saturday mornings. The creative team behind this show was so great. Since the show went off the air, each has been doing his own thing. Now, the three main writers and performers are back together with a new project called The Film Crew. They will be riffing on some new, terrible movies in a format similar to MST3K. The films will be released straight to DVD with the first one coming out next month!
  • Nick Drake – No, Nick Drake is not returning from the dead to release more music, but his estate is publishing a disc of lost recordings entitled Family Tree. The set includes different versions of some of his songs, some covers recorded at his home, and even some of his mother’s songs. This disc is loaded with insight into the fragile psyche of this musical phenom. You can hear him trying out different vocals styles and building his signature guitar style out of the blues traditions before him. It is hoped that this disc can introduce a new generation of fans.

So there you have it. 2007 is turning into a monumental year for nostalgia (at least for me). Surely this cannot be a coincidence since the official theme for this year is “Back to the Future”.


3 thoughts on “First Breath After Coma

  1. I just soiled myself when I read that the MST3K gang is back in business. And I don’t even regret it.The show was one of my favorites too, I could usually count on laughing until the threshold of pain at least once an episode.

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