Fear not…

I am alive and well. I was intending to return to my regularly scheduled blogging last week, but someone named “Derek” at Comcast screwed up my order.

I ordered high-speed internet service for my new house on the Comcast website. At the conclusion of the ordering process, customers are connected to a live chat with a technician to “finalize the order and schedule an installation date”. This is how I met “Derek”. He was a pain to chat with since he took looooong pauses between exchanges and asked me the same questions as the online order form I had just filled out. Finally, he said the technician would come to my house on 6/6/07 between 1pm and 6pm. I waited at home all afternoon and no one came. I called Comcast at 6:15 and was told that they had no record of my order in the system. Apparently “Derek” took my info, but never entered any of it. I told the poor customer service woman that unless I get some kind of discount I’d be going to another provider. She offered me the first four months of service at half price and discounted installation fees. I accepted and now I’ll be waiting at home on 6/13/07 between 1pm and 4pm for my internet to finally be up and running. I’m still kind of ticked at “Derek”, but what can you do?

So tune in later this week for a proper blog update including some pictures of our recent camping trip to Beaver Creek Valley State Park! Thanks for your patience! If you really need your blog fix, check out some of my favorites listed on the right.

P.S. One tidbit of music news. As you may have heard by now, MuteMath has recorded their take on the Transformers theme to be included on the official movie soundtrack. You can stream the track on their MySpace page.
I love MuteMath, but this song is close to my nerdy heart, so I’m still trying to decide what I think of it. Either way, this is a HUGE deal for the band and will undoubtedly lead to more exposure for their music.

One thought on “Fear not…

  1. Aw man! I would have been ticked. Waiting all that time for nothing! Good job keeping your cool and working through the problem. Hopefully it will end up being a blessing in disguise since you’ll be getting some discounts.I am also psyched about Transformers. I’m curious to see how they handle the movie. The soundtrack seems to have some “heavier” artists on it which is appealing to me.Glad to have you back blogging Petey!—b

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